Hinterland Moriac will require all residents to install a minimum 3kw solar system to their homes.

Ample, developer of Hinterland Moriac, acknowledges that more can be done to care for our environment and future generations. Ample firmly believes that change is required and the first step is with education.

To support this belief Ample is providing all purchasers within Hinterland Moriac with the following:

  1. $1,000 cash rebate on successful installation of your solar system, reducing the pay-back period of your system; and
  2. A free consultation with Alternative Technology Association (ATA – https://www.ata.org.au/) to provide you with independent advice.

We believe that education is the only way to a greener future, knowledge around sustainable building and design in Australia could be improved and the ATA offer independent advice for doing so.

Did you know that a quality 3kw solar system, located in Victoria with appropriate siting, would typically:

  • comprise between 9 to 12 solar panels (total 15 to 20 m2 in size);
  • cost between $4-$5k (including GST, installation and government rebate);
  • have a seven to ten year pay-back period (reduced further with our cash rebate); and
  • save you producing 6.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, nearly the same amount exhausted by 2 standard motor vehicles.

It is common place for homes to include solar to meet their statutory Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) requirements, and any good quality builder can install a 3kw system with no impact to their build programme.

We hope that your free consultation opens up a world of opportunity that you and your builder may never have considered, and the 3kw solar system is just the start of sustainable building and design features you choose to include in your home.

Our requirement may not change the world but it is one small step towards creating a more sustainable future.